IS 629 - Product Management and Product Design for Software

Course Objective

The course "Product Management and Design for Software" provides an overview on the entire software product lifecycle, ranging from product strategy and planning, to the actual product development and finally the post-development phase covering aspects such das the product launch and product support. Furthermore, the interplay between processes, people, and practices will be discussed and contemporary software development paradigms such as agile development (e.g. in the form of SCRUM) will be framed into this interplay. This course puts specific emphasize on the two roles of the product manager and the product designer (also: Usability / User Experience Professional) and their associated processes and practices within software development. Following an interdisciplinary perspective, this course will introduce important practices from the field of management, marketing and human computer interaction. The course contents will be put into a practical perspective by selected industry talks. Furthermore, as part of a case study, the students will be asked to analyze and propose solutions for a given software product development challenge leveraging the knowledge acquired within the lecture and industry talks. The learning objectives of the course are:

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn basic concepts and characteristics of software products and the associated software product lifecycle
  • Understand the underlying mechanisms for a successful interplay between people, processes, and practices within product development
  • Learn important practices required for fulfilling the product management and product design role
  • Analyze and propose solutions for a given software product development challenge along the entire lifecycle

Course Requirements

This course is offered to all Master students enrolled in the Business Informatics or MMM program of the University of Mannheim. There are no prerequisites for attending this course. The lecture "Management of Enterprise Systems (IS 540)" is recommended, but not mandatory.

Further Information

Further information about this course can be found on the student portal.


Please direct any questions regarding lecture and its organization to: Achim Botzenhardt